Build Your Marketing Muscle | Personal Training

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I've spent my career using marketing to grow billion-dollar revenue streams. Let me help you get stronger at marketing your one-person business.

I’m Mike Phillips, your personal trainer for marketing. I have been accelerating revenue growth for large and small businesses for over 12 years. From billion-dollar technology startups to mom-and-pop local businesses, marketing grows revenue — if you know how to use it in a practical way.

It’s impractical for a solopreneur to use advertising tactics based on a $100k budget. Your reputation can generate far more reach than you think.

It’s impractical for a one-person business to use a content system made for a team of 10 designers & writers. Your time is your most finite resource.

It’s impractical for a side hustle to invest in expensive technology for complex automation. Your competitive advantage is doing things that don’t scale.

Growth marketing, made practical.

You need to know simple, effective, efficient marketing strategies and tactics that you can execute independently. When you do, you will strengthen your revenue streams.

Marketing that works for the way you work.

  • Customized programming No cookie cutting here. I will create a customized marketing program for you, designed to help you reach your unique business goals. We will take into account special considerations (e.g. bandwidth, skills, and available budget) when designing a playbook and program tailored exclusively for you.
  • Correct techniques — When putting time and money into growing your business, investing accurately and quality excution are key. I will teach you the proper way to execute high-quality marketing systems and processes to ensure that you are performing the tasks correctly to maximize your impact and preserving your efficiency.
  • Enhanced motivation Who wouldn’t like a little extra motivation? Having a scheduled session with an experienced marketer promotes accountability, and can help you develop commitment to making efficient marketing a regular part of your business routine. Our sessions can also help you develop internal motivation by building a growth mindset.
  • Energizing momentum — Growing your business with marketing can be fun! I can help you select activities and tactics that replace boredom with excitement and keep you on track towards reaching your business goals. Leverage my deep knowledge of methods, strategies, and techniques that can make your marketing efforts energizing and effective.

Personal training that builds your marketing muscle strengthens your revenue streams.

The ultimate goal of a quality personal trainer is to promote self-efficacy. I want you to build muscle memory and take ownership of your marketing growth trajectory. That's why I prioritize education as opposed to just putting a list of tactics in your hands.

I want you to understand the program rationale and how each task relates back to your business goals so you can confidently execute everything we practice together. Stronger skills in new customer acquisition, content creation, revenue systems, and product marketing will make growing your business easier.

Your training session structure:

Each 45-minute training session will be interactive, collaborative, and tailored uniquely to you and your businesses.

  1. We will define the session topic and how it relates to your business goals and marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  2. We will identify and practice strategic solutions, skills, or tasks that directly address your business and revenue goals.
  3. We will create a step-by-step program plan as a takeaway you can use to implement and continue practicing your solution.

Sessions are designed to be episodic — giving you self-contained, actionable new abilities after each session. Subsequent sessions and individual practice compound your improvement over time, strengthening your marketing muscle and accelerating your next chapter of growth!

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Marketing Training Sessions: Improve your marketing efficiency and performance to drive more revenue for your business.

You will complete a preparation document to maximize the efficiency and impact of our session time.
Structured to define an opportunity to focus on, identify a program solution, and give you a takeaway playbook of steps to implement.
You will put our solution into practice based on the knowledge and skills we trained in our session.

Build Your Marketing Muscle | Personal Training

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