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Growth Marketer Consult

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Growth Marketer Consult

💪 Mike Phillips 🎷

Growth Marketing accelerates revenue.

Apply billion-dollar growth strategies to your side hustle or one-person business.

I’m Mike Phillips, your personal Growth Marketer. I have been driving revenue growth for large and small businesses for over 12 years, and the same marketing functions that I use to accelerate growth at billion-dollar software and tech companies work for small ventures too — if you apply them the right way:

It’s impractical for a solopreneur to use tactics based on $100k in ad spend when building trust in your personal brand is your focus.

  • You need the right messaging and offers.

It’s impractical for a one-person business to use a content system designed for a team of 10 designers & writers when your time is your most finite resource.

  • You need an efficient organic content strategy.

It’s impractical for a side hustle to invest in an expensive tech stack and build sophisticated automation when your advantage is doing things that don’t scale.

  • You need a simple, leak-free acquisition funnel.

Growth marketing accelerates revenue by building stronger messaging, acquiring more attention from the right people, reducing friction in the buyer’s journey, and increasing conversion efficiency.

Take the next step:

I can help you with brand positioning, product offers & pricing, funnel optimization, customer acquisition, and content strategy — 45 minutes at a time.

Trying to grow revenue without a strategy is like trying to run a foot race while dragging a boat anchor, but using generic strategies not built for your unique business is like trying to jog to victory in a Formula 1 race.

Tailored growth strategies give you a competitive advantage.

Join me for a Growth Marketing Consult, and we will improve a key revenue-driving function in a 60-minute power session:

Our power session will follow this structure:

  1. We will quickly define the opportunity we are going to work on together.
  2. We will identify strategic solutions and steps to take that directly address your opportunity.
  3. We will create a step-by-step plan you can use to implement the solution.

We can work on things like this:

✅ Enhancing copywriting/layout on one of your landing pages

✅ Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for customer conversion

✅ Analyzing and improving your product/service funnel

✅ Building practical, effective social media content

✅ Leveling up your go-to-market strategy

✅ Identify where to reach customers

✅ Launching paid social ads

✅ or, your own unique marketing needs!

This consult session will be tailored to your unique businesses. We can make it an interactive exploration of growth opportunities or a live collaboration on a specific project. Use it to unlock and accelerate your next chapter of growth!

I think Growth Marketing is the most effective way that the best businesses grow. I know it can be for you too.

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60-min Time Blocks: Together, we will level-up your brand positioning, product offers & pricing, funnel optimization, customer acquisition, or content strategy.

Preparation document to maximize our efficiency and impact.
Session Substance:
Focused structure to define the opportunity, identify strategic solutions, and give you takeaway playbook of steps to implement.
You will implement and refine our solutions based on the playbook we built in our session.
Stack multiple time blocks to dive deeper or cover multiple topics. Start with a single block if you're not sure where to begin!
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