The Minimum Viable Business

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Starting a business can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

There are only 4 basic pieces to every business when you strip away the fluff, tech, ego, and insecurities:

  1. A thing you sell.
  2. A bit of attention.
  3. A way to get paid.
  4. A way to fulfill sales.

You could invest a lot of time and money planning and building infrastructure and systems — but it would be a waste if your first idea doesn’t pan out.

You hear a lot out there about funnels, list building, automation, optimization, and more when it comes to starting a business. But all of that is for businesses that already have a clear answer for what to do, how to do it, and whether it's worth it. Getting to that point is "Step 1" in launching a venture — but that first step can feel insurmountable.

The MVB is a better way

A minimum viable business (MVB) is a concept that helps people looking to launch a successful business with minimal resources and risk. Anyone can get an MVB up and running quickly.

The MVB Workbook breaks down that ubiquitous call to "Just Start" into four easily-achievable micro-steps that help you go to market as quickly as possible. Learn how to vet and improve your idea on the fly — potentially while being paid to do so.

The MVB process will get people to vote “yes” or “no” (with their wallets) as quickly as possible so you have a clear answer about whether to pursue a potential new revenue stream. This book boils down all the structures, technology, and systems to the lightweight essentials.

A workbook for the rest of us.

In plain language, the MVB Workbook takes powerful and time-tested marketing and startup launch strategies and simplifies them into specialized solutions for the solopreneur, content creator, or side hustler. Simplicity is the key to getting started.

Get unstuck and start your MVB:

✅ A 14-minute read with 19 pages and 15 diagrams.

✅ 10 simple tasks to guide you from idea to your first sale.

✅ Accessible for all: Pay only what you can today

If you break down your vision into goals that are small enough to be impossible to fail, you can string together a chain of small wins that compound to build amazing momentum.

Growth is gradual greatness, so take a micro-step today — it will pay dividends.

I'm Mike Phillips — growth marketer, weightlifter, content creator. I have been accelerating revenue growth for large and small businesses for over 12 years, from billion-dollar technology startups to mom-and-pop local businesses. I connect the dots between the business growth strategies that work for enterprises and the real-world challenges of solopreneurs and creators. I do it because I believe in the democratization of success through strong and simple marketing strategy.

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The Minimum Viable Business

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